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A little bit about me...

Yes, as you can see in one picture, I have been there too. I've done it and I know all about it.... well maybe not all but I know a very good champagne that can help you go through it all with no fear! (By the way, that Champagne is called MATHELIN - L'Orée des Chênes - and NO i don't get free bottles for mentioning it!)

On a more serious note, my name is Eric, I am a professional freelance wedding photographer based in the heart of Essex. Born in France, I developed a passion for photography at an early age, I received my first Polaroid camera at the age of 10 yrs old and started taking photo of my dad playing petanque, my grandpa napping under the Olive tree and my mum making my favourite jam! A few years later, with my camera (upgraded from the Polaroid to a 35mm film camera) I had the chance of travelling around the world, doing some photo journalism and taking photos of people, animals, cities, snapping a farmer on top of the Mountain Range in Philippines, some kids playing domino in a back street of Beijing or simply a beautiful sunset over the Andes in Chile. 

I have recently moved back to the UK, bringing my passion and business with me. I am living in a little village of Essex although my work takes me all over the UK and Europe. I am very passionate about photography and especially wedding photography. Capturing that special moment, feeling the love of two people and their families, the tears, the joy, the happiness, a wedding day is a rollercoaster, we go through a lot of emotions and I am here to capture them all. I will be honest with you, during the photos editing of every weddings i have shot, i have had a few tears in front of my computer, don't worry i won't cry at your wedding though as i am too focus with the job, that just happens a few days after, like if I was jet lagged with emotions!

On my brand new website you will find some of the weddings I have shot in France and some most recent ones from the UK! If you like my style of photography and want to have a chat about your wedding plans, I'd love to hear from you.

I have also set-up The Studio in 2017,  so I am now able to offer Studio shooting session for more formal portrait, professional headshot, portfolio, social media or simply beautiful memory of your children. You can check out my family and portrait website and/or visit my blog to see my latest work

Beginning of 2018, I was voted best UK travel photographer of the year by The Guardian, i guess until Brexit have been activated for good I will still hold the title, after that who knows....  Check my winning photo on The Guardian or Check my Trip to Costa Rica on The Guardian


My approach

Couples who book me want photographs of their wedding, but not necessarily a wedding photographer. They want someone who will blend in, and be in all the right places at all the right moments, to capture the interaction between their family and friends, gathered together on one day.


I don’t operate as a silent figure, dodging in and out of the shadows. I blend in with the guests, will happily chat with everyone whilst discreetly documenting the day for you. As well as the natural reportage photos of your day, I pride myself on classic, creative portraits of the bride and groom.


By immersing myself in your Essex wedding, and not simply watching from the sidelines, I am perfectly placed to capture the fleeting moments which pass in the blink of an eye. If the natural documentation of your day is important to you, and you want images which are evocative, cinematic and full of expression, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell me about your day.


Frequently asked questions

How far will you travel to photograph a wedding?

Anywhere in the world! I relish the chance to photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad, and am more than happy to travel to wherever your big day might be held. For weddings further from home in Essex/London that require overnight stays, and for overseas weddings I would ask for my travel expenses to be covered. All of those costs will be agreed before booking though.

Are you insured?

I have three types of insurance; my equipment is insured, I have public liability which is essential for most venues now, and professional indemnity insurance which insures against loss or photographic failure. I do however take every precaution to ensure images are backed up on multiple memory cards during the wedding and separate hard drive and cloud after the wedding.

How do we book you?

Once you’ve decided to book with me I will send you a contract which once filled out will give me all of the information that I’ll need for your wedding day. I will then create an invoice with all the info you need for making your deposit payment.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes. This is 20% of the package agreed and that will secure your date. This is non refundable and will mean the day is fully yours.

Do you offer engagement shoot?

Yes. I can include an engagement shoot in your package. It can be used as a practice session for anyone nervous in front of the camera, and is a great chance for us to work together and become more comfortable with each other. We’ll capture some amazing photos that you can use as invites or on the day itself, as place settings etc...

How do you describe your style of photography?

I’m known as a documentary wedding photographer and reportage wedding photographer although there are many other terms used to describe the style of photography that I take to capture your day. These include; reportage wedding photography, candid wedding photography, and informal wedding photography, to name just a few. As a documentary wedding photographer I would be capturing your day in an informal and unobtrusive manner catching beautiful moments that occur naturally on your wedding day.

Do you shoot family/group pictures?

Yes. I believe group pictures are very important at a wedding – you do not always have a gathering of all your family and friends. Here are a few basic pointers that will keep the group photo session quick and stress-free. I ask for a helper or two, often a bestman and/or ushers to assist me in rounding up the various groups. A list of the individual family and friends’ groups should be provided; Brides Family/Grooms Family/ friends etc. We try to keep the number of groups to between 5 to 10 (of course we can have more if you choose to), any more than that and people tend to get tired and wander off!

How about all the details?

I always ensure the little details that you’ve spent so long planning are recorded. I try and capture them in the context of the day so they can also become a treasured memory.

What's your dress code for our wedding?

I like to be relaxed but smart on your wedding day, always wearing a smart shirt and formal trousers and shoes, as I’m aware that I could appear in your video but more importantly I’m at your wedding.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I provide a range of albums, from luxury leather matted coffee table books to modern photobooks. I also offer a variety of smaller albums to fit all budges, which make great gifts for family, or anyone special who wasn’t able to be there on the day itself. We will chose the photos together or i can do it for you.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, we can include a second photographer for your wedding. This gives us the ability to capture more intimate moments during the preparation and also to capture more photos of your friends and families so we don't miss anything happening. My 2nd photographer is Dawn, she has photographed many weddings and she works as a photography teacher in a London College so she has plenty of experience!

What camera gear do you use?

I use two full frame DSLR Canon cameras and one mirrorless Olympus camera and have a fourth one in my bag just in case. I have multiple memory cards which i record all the photos on during the wedding, i usually come with 5 or 6 lenses, a mix of primes (14mm/50mm/85mm) and zoom lenses (17-40mm/24-70mm/70-200mm) I also carry speedlights, extra baterries and i bring along my portable external lightings and anything else I think might come in handy on your wedding day!

How many final photographs do we receive?

Between 400 – 1000 fully professionally edited images. The number of images you receive is dependent on how long you have me documenting your day for and the number of guests. You will receive your final images in a beautiful personalised USB box and a private online gallery to share with your friends and families.

What happens if you are ill or cant make it to our wedding?

It has never happened to me before but unless I literally have some serious health problems, I will be there. But if under some very unforeseen circumstances I cannot make it, don’t worry, I have a large network of professional photographer friends and I will try my very best to find someone equally as good to capture your special day.

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