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Wedding - Nita & Benoit - Paris

Paris Elopement Wedding Photography

March 2018 - I was very much looking to the intimate wedding of Nita and Benoit. I do not claim to be a Paris elopement wedding photography specialist (although being bilingual French/English has increased the amount of elopement weddings I have done) but I have captured very intimate weddings in my time. However, they do not get much more intimate than this! Just the bride and groom, their beautiful boy, a few friends of both that had travelled for the ceremony. It was a really short but lovely ceremony, although it was half in French and half in English (fine with me!) Nita and Benoit, who live in the Rhone Alpes region had decided to come to Paris and get married with just a few friends, with a view of having a large party with all their other friends and families later on in the year. It was clear for me to see how special this moment was to them. Whilst elopements may not be for everyone, it worked well for them. They just wanted to get married in a relaxed way and then go for a nice restaurant in Le Marais for a meal. 


Bride and groom portraits in Paris


I had suggested that perhaps it would be good idea to go for a few portraits in the park while we were in Paris before them going for a meal. They accepted and we spent an hour or so walking around and taking a few portraits along the Seine  It was a lovely walk, always very romantic in Paris and I like seeing the reaction of people, many wishing the new newly married couple well! Nita and Benoit are really a lovely couple and I feel very privileged to have been able to document their wedding and spend such a special time with them. I wish them all the best for the future.