Kind Words from Previous Clients

Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for sending these over and for being our Loseley Park wedding photographer, we’re absolutely thrilled with them!

I’m so pleased with the way you captured so many ‘moments’, many of which we wouldn’t have even known about had you not been there in the thick of things.

And I honestly think these are some of the most expressive and natural images I’ve seen of our family and friends. The quality of the images is brilliant as well – we’ll really treasure them.

We’ll keep following you on facebook, we’re big fans of your work!

Thanks again,

Jocelyn and JY


Hi Eric

We absolutely love the photos, you’ve captured some really special moments brilliantly!

We’re going to have a proper look through over the weekend to see what we want to do with our favourites and how we share them with our families.




Morning Eric,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding photos. We are absolutely thrilled with them and must have looked at them at least 20 times already. You have really captured the day just perfectly!


I particularly liked the one of mum with the hairspray can! You obviously caught onto her rebellious streak quite quickly!!

Thanks again and have a great weekend

Helen and Lewis


Hi Eric,

These are amazing! Thank you so much. You really captured some lovely little hidden moments and expressions – what a wonderful record of the day.


We’ll try to find some time to look at these

carefully and pick our album over the next few days – exciting!

Many, many thanks for photographing our wedding – we’re really happy with the results and will enjoy sharing these with friends and family.

With very best wishes,



Hi Eric,

Literally grinning from ear to ear, sat at home on a Saturday night with a bottle of red LOVING your pictures.

They’re amazing – can’t quite believe how amazing they are!

Too many favourites, they’re so lovely!

Thank you so much for your hard work on the day and these fantastic pictures. Can’t thank you enough!



Hi Eric,

Thank you so much!


The photos are incredible and gave us a good giggle looking through them all. There are so many little moments that you’ve captured that I’m positive other photographers would have missed and you’ve managed to capture a real essence of the day – we had such a fun day and are so happy that there are photos of some if the funniest / nicest moments to keep those memories alive.


Thanks again

Sarah and Eliot 


Bonjour Eric,


Oh my goodness, not sure how you managed to exceed already sky high expectations but you have and then some. We both absolutely adore these shots which made us laugh and cry in equal measure.


Love that they tell the story and fill in the blanks in what was a whirlwind day and are proof that we had an absolute ball. Hard to pick a favourite but I am particularly in love with the one of Bella peering over the top of the table in the Vestry and the one of the three little flower girls.

Dying to take another look at leisure. You are a genius and I am not using that lightly – love love love how real and un-contrived the whole portfolio is.

Maryam and Daniel


Hi Eric,

Wow! I am not sure where to start.

We both absolutely love the photos. Thank you so much.

Paul says they are the best wedding photos he has ever seen.When I first showed them to him, I heard mumblings of Vermeer and Caravaggio.

A little dramatic, perhaps, but I understand what he means.

For me, they are the gift that keeps giving.

Each time I look at them I notice another feature, another expression, another smiling face.

They really do capture the spirit of the day and joy just leaps from the images.

You have also been incredibly generous, ensuring that none of our guests was left out.

We really appreciate that.One of the best decisions of the wedding was asking you to be our photographer.

Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments for us and thank you, also, for your professionalism on the day.

Many thanks

Kim and Paul


Hello Eric,

We have had time to digest all the wonderful shots of our day and they are truly breathtaking.

Our friends and family were astonished at the emotion and feeling that shines through every shot.

We cannot thank you enough and we hope you enjoyed capturing the day.

Your story has helped us remember those small details that could have easily been forgotten.

Thank you Eric, we wouldn’t have changed anything.

Stacey & Nick


Hi Eric,

We can’t tell you enough how happy we are with these! So many fantastic moments and we’re now really looking forward to sharing them with our families.

And we really appreciate the split between the colour and the black and white images – it will make for some tricky decisions I’m sure, but we’re delighted to have the options.


Thank you so much!



Hi Eric,

I’ve been looking forward to this email all week, and I’m beaming ear to ear, the pictures are really lovely and I’m just so glad I changed the date of the wedding so you could be there to capture these moments (and because the weather has been god awful since then! ).

I love that you caught the angle of our shorter guests and it’s quite magical seeing everything again, and some parts I never got to witness!

Thanks for sharing our day, and giving us this wonderful gift, if you’d like a customer reference for your website just let me know, but I doubt you need them as the pictures you have online speak for themselves.

All the best,


Hello Eric,


The pictures are fantastic.  You’ve really captured the essence of the day and made us and our guests look great – you can just tell everyone’s having a great time and there’s no posing or stiffness on show.  


We particularly enjoyed seeing some of the ones where people who would never have met before the day are laughing and talking together.  Great stuff and exactly what we’d hoped for.  The venue and decorations look brilliant too. Bravo!

 – Charlie & Laura


Hi Eric,


Thank you for the link – we’re absolutely delighted with the pictures, they’re stunning. We’ve been on tenterhooks since Monday when you put that sneak preview up online!

We’re going to show our parents in person over the weekend, before sending the link out to friends or putting them up on Facebook etc.

Lorna was sobbing last night at the picture of her and her Dad walking up the path towards the church, followed by her mum and two sisters, it’s a fantastic picture of the whole family.

You’ve captured some really special moments – I loved the shot of me, Em and Jean at the reception. They had sent me a London Welsh pin badge with their acceptance card, which I was showing them on my inside pocket – I think Em was quite chuffed I’d worn it.

Also, the picture in the church vestibule when our witness Tom, was offering me a last chance to back out before he signed the register (all in jest, of course!). Amazing how many little stories you’ve somehow captured in photos.


Lorna & Sam


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